Clark Consulting Grp, LLC

Clark Consulting is distinct from most security management firms in that our roots are firmly planted in business. We understand business as well as technology, and how the two work together to address security issues. We reinvigorate a company's existing business knowledge and data resources from a security standpoint. The end result is added value for your organization that goes far beyond the Security department.

An effective, behind-the-scenes security program protects company culture as well as its assets. It takes experience, good communication, and analytical minds to foster security-related benefits and bring them forward.

Investigative results have yielded hundreds of cases closed with millions of dollars in compensation awarded and saved annually. Companies save more than time and money. Unproductive transactions are reduced. Investigative guidelines offer a consistent, fact-based approach that eliminates bias. Crisis management executed well by trained security professionals helps protect people and facilities as well as company reputation.