Shawn C. Clark, President

Shawn Clark's vast experience as Director of Asset Protection and Global Security Operations at Continental and United Airlines includes security-related pilferage analytics, leveraging technology to protect physical assets and supply chains. His deep understanding of day-to-day operations including regulatory compliance, threat and risk assessment, emergency response, criminal investigations, interview techniques, facility security and covert video surveillance helps companies see the big picture.

He came up through the ranks of the airline industry, beginning his career in Sales. He developed policies and programs that saved millions of dollars by protecting inventory while serving in Revenue Management and later in Marketing. Joining the Corporate Security department at the emergence of enterprise data warehousing, he co-founded the Technical Investigations group at Continental to uncover internal and external fraudulent activity.

He is a new type of investigator. Clark changed the paradigm from "react and respond" to "search and find" through analysis of existing data. He recovered millions of dollars in fraud for Continental Airlines by implementing a system of electronic profiles to detect previously undetectable fraud. Speculation is replaced with facts driven by electronic data sources.

• The FBI commended Clark for using investigative profiles to provide critical information during the post-9/11 security crisis.
• Clark's methods of discovering unproductive business helped garner for Continental Airlines the CIO Magazine's Enterprise Value Award, Peppers and Rogers' Business Impact Award and Gartner's Business Intelligence Award.
• Clark's security philosophy and practices were recognized when the Continental Security Team received the prestigious Houston Police Department's Chief of Police Commendation.

Shawn Clark knows how to reduce predatory activity against company assets. He teaches others to nurture relationships with department heads, embassies, agencies, and authorities as part of a cohesive security plan. Clark shows companies how to minimize risks as well as litigation exposure.

A desire to share what he knows about business intelligence and crisis management lead him to consulting, speaking and training on topics related to security, strategies, plans and practices. He's walked the talk, and engages companies with a lively and practical approach to keeping people, places, products and processes secure.