Business Analytics


Is Your Organization Leaking Money And Profit?

The answer can be found in existing business data. Companies invested in a data warehouse solution can identify previously undetectable loss. Proven processes employed for decades remain robust in meeting today's demand for business analytics. Detect anomalies due to both fraud and poor business practices. For large organizations, recovering even low-cost losses can return significant value.

How we do it: Clark Consulting delves deep into a company's enterprise data warehouse to reveal patterns of behavior. We work side-by-side with your business professionals to educate them on how to find new patterns as they appear. We create custom profiles based on the needs of the business. Profiles developed by Clark Consulting remain the property of the client. The profiles can be used and edited by the business indefinitely.

Business analytics solutions save money and protect assets in the following areas:

Inventory Optimization
Detect losses from employees, vendors, theft and collusion, returns; internal administrative errors; and external activities throughout the supply chain.

Loyalty Programs
Identify exposures to maximize yield and program success.

Marketing Promotions
Find the true value of these programs across multiple channels.

Learn how business analytics solutions can help your company.

Hands-On Results
Shawn Clark has spent more than 10 years creating custom electronic profiles to detect previously undetectable fraud and bad business practices. Information gained was instrumental in revolutionizing investigative processes, recouping compensation, and saving millions of dollars annually.