Business Analytics


Marketing Promotions

Are Your Marketing Promotions Changing Behavior Or Reducing Margins?

Marketing promotions can include offers of electronic or paper coupons, coupon codes, rebates, contests and partner programs across different channels. Such programs drive revenue and stimulate consumer behavior. However, while marketers and sales professionals are focused on the top line, inquisitive business professionals can be monitoring what's happening to the bottom line and why. Business analytics can help transform a poorly conceived program to a well-designed and controlled program. Companies go from guesswork to fact-based results.

Clark Consulting shares insights and strategies for using existing data to find the true value of marketing and sales promotions. Services include how to:

  • Implement business analytics to optimize marketing promotions
  • Create and edit custom profiles to monitor compliance
  • Quantify loss due to both fraud and poor business practices
  • Implement processes for analyzing existing data
  • Identify gaps in marketing and sales promotions

Improve the profitability of all marketing promotions. Identify the sources of unproductive, uncontrolled, fraudulent transactions and prevent them.