Crisis Management


Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster Planning

Natural disasters immediately and often unexpectedly impact your employees, customers, facility and operations. Don't leave questions about what to do and when unanswered. Disaster planning and testing covers the basics on how to survive. How will you manage without traditional communications, lighting and equipment? Safety-aware employees know evacuation routes and can be instrumental in a successful outcome. They tend to the plan rather than panic.

Clark Consulting offers on-site disaster planning for companies concerned about how to anticipate and recover well from nature's wrath:

  • Employee safety
  • Protection of critical assets, including data and inventory
  • Security professional's role in business continuity
  • Natural disaster & emergency relief confirmation

Better outcomes can be achieved in each domestic and international facility owned by a corporation when employees are aware of the disaster plan. Companies that practice safety measures and secure operations are more resilient in the event of a natural disaster. Efforts demonstrating this commitment should be practiced semi-annually as part of the overall crisis management plan.