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Workplace Violence and Terrorism

An Open Subject - Workplace Violence and Terrorism

Many security programs fail to recognize and incorporate workplace violence and/or terrorism into crisis planning. Violence takes different forms in the workplace ranging from threats to physical assaults to homicide. In fact, homicide is the fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States and the leading cause of death for women in the workplace.

At Clark Consulting we believe the subject of workplace violence and terrorism should be discussed openly. A well-coordinated, multi-department policy describing how to report and respond to suspicious or threatening behavior empowers companies to act before an event occurs. Too many times violent acts happen and the suspect is described as troubled or having problems. Company leadership should know in advance when an employee shows a tendency toward violence or has drug or alcohol dependencies.

Do your employees know what to do when threatened by a customer? When observing violence from an employee facing disciplinary action? Instead of the usual "in case of emergency call 911" they can learn from real examples both domestic and while abroad. Doing so inspires them to be more security minded and report suspicious behavior.

Clark Consulting educates on how to create and adhere to security policies regarding:

  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Employee termination and disciplinary action
  • Minimizing risk of violence at certain work sites
  • Monitoring and background checks
  • Suspect reporting and intelligence gathering
  • Establishing relationships with law enforcement before an event occurs

Learn about the dynamics that surround aggressive acts and ways to help prevent workplace violence and terrorism at your company.