Intelligent Security


Proactive Intelligent Security

Working with senior management Clark Consulting aligns security, technology and business processes to safeguard assets and lessen risk. An effective security program leverages technology to enhance investigations and identify exposure. A subtle presence with substantial impact, this approach leads to business resilience by integrating security initiatives across the company.

An intelligent security program protects tangibles including employees, customers and revenue as well as the intangibles such as culture, brand and reputation. Tackling security issues on a daily basis, before something happens, is prudent. Deficits can be addressed proactively and pre-emptively.

Clark Consulting has well-developed expertise in proactive intelligent security services including:

Fraud Analytics
Solutions to identify new exposures, maximize investigative efficiency and recover revenue.

Policy & Process
Consistent adherence yields consistent results.

Protection Strategies
Maintain security posture, company integrity and assets behind the scenes of an everyday work environment.

Travel Safety
Support staff traveling to and working from foreign countries.

Get your existing program evaluated. Identify gaps, add effective processes and manage adherence.

Hands-On Results
Shawn Clark directed global security operations at major airline hubs and high-risk locations where a quarter of a million people traverse daily. He co-founded a technical investigations group to harness electronic data to reveal internal and external sources of fraudulent activity. Through investigative techniques and new policies he has recovered tens of millions of dollars.