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Can a Security Policy Improve Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture stays vital and resilient with a top down policy of security awareness. Policy needs to be communicated across departments and applied consistently. Key elements to successful policy compliance are communicating in simple language, defining roles and responsibilities, stating consequences for violations and keeping policies current.

Clark Consulting shows companies how to build trust. We help define security procedures, offer guidelines and train on best practices within a business environment. Policy directs and supports critical decision-making, daily security assessment and crisis response. A transparent security policy is beneficial in many ways:

  • Formerly mystified managers become active leaders in securing their staff and work environment.
  • A proactive team spirit emerges when consistent answers can be found and justified.
  • Public sentiment is often influenced by a company's ability to respond appropriately to occurrences.
  • Positive action creates favorable alliances.
  • Employee satisfaction can hinge on knowing what to do, how to do it and when. Competence and productivity increase. Morale goes up.
  • When identified, desperate violators and predators tend to attack the process. An even-handed policy and consistent investigative process diminishes accusation of bias or misconduct.
  • Security policy protects corporate culture and minimizes risk through definition and consistency.

A well-defined corporate security policy written in easily understood language with effective, proven processes is paramount to creating a positive culture. It minimizes risk and shows due diligence. Company culture improves not only from within but with customers and shareholders.