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International Travel Security Awareness

As companies expand in a global market place, travel safety and security become a business objective. Staff may need to travel to high-risk countries where poverty, narcotics, extortion, crime, corruption, political demonstrations and violence may be the norm. How can they best avoid potentially dangerous situations?

International travelers need to be aware of a country's customs and traditions as well as security risks. Connections with translators and native speakers may need to be secured. Geographic risks should be reviewed with the traveler.

Nothing lowers morale and taints corporate culture more than the perception of international employees feeling out of sight out of mind. This is often the case and highlighted when the only communication or guidance occurs when an incident happens. Clark Consulting helps companies be proactive by employing robust communication, planning and training. We answer questions that companies may not know to ask.

Clark Consulting advises on:

  • Travel security best practices within a particular international environment
  • Communication and participation with international employees 
  • How to obtain the best intelligence
  • Ways to examine information on physical and personnel security logistics

A gap assessment of corporate travel policies provides effective practices for your business environment that go beyond general advice of the State Department.