When Does Security Become Intelligent Business?

From detecting fraud to planning for natural disasters, enterprise companies benefit from staying ahead of the next threat. Smart businesses in transportation, hospitality, retail and more rely on intelligent security and business intelligence to recover, sustain and thrive.

Clark Consulting offers a full range of services including:

Using well tested and established processes in intelligent security, business analytics, and crisis management we show you how to analyze data using your technology platform. You will learn how to proactively identify new threats to security and the bottom line.

Get the experience and understanding your security, audit and business professionals need. Expert, hands-on training in intelligent security, business analytics, and crisis management promotes preparedness for managing threats to a company's people, stature, and physical assets.

Shawn Clark draws on decades of business and security management experience to share insights with C-suite executives and security professionals. He's a new breed of business professional - identifying fraudsters and reducing losses while safeguarding the integrity of a company's work environment, brand and reputation.

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