A Tool Box of Solutions

Taking your business to the next level requires a willingness to look deep into your business structure, processes and data. Applying more than 15 years of experience in business and fraud analytics, Clark Consulting provides a view of your business that you have never seen before. We reveal weaknesses and inefficiencies you didn't know existed. You will receive practical solutions to make your organization more secure while adding value to your business.

Clark Consulting works with your team to enhance security and increase business intelligence by:

  • Introducing fraud analytics into your Security/Audit departments
  • Incorporating business analytics to optimize inventory and improve the return on investment from loyalty and marketing programs
  • Providing proven techniques in business analytics
  • Offering an independent assessment of your existing security plan to assess whether or not it adequately protects the company's assets, customers and employees against ever-changing threats, including workplace violence and terrorism
  • Implementing Emergency/Disaster Response best practices for catastrophic events, natural disasters, workplace violence and terrorism

As Global Security Director for Continental and United Airlines, Shawn Clark pioneered a new kind of security program that not only proactively protects business assets, but also adds value to the business. The discovery techniques he developed provided the business intelligence Continental Airlines needed to go from being the "the worst to first" in the industry.