Shawn Clark Speaks On Building Better Security Teams That Meet Company Objectives

A new breed of business leader, Clark's record as Director, Asset Protection and Global Security Operations for Continental and United Airlines shows vital contributions in deciphering fraud, planning for and managing crisis situations. His work contributed to Continental Airlines data warehouse team being recognized by CIO magazine for identifying fraudulent activity that saved the company millions of dollars. The FBI commended him for his security efforts during the 9/11 crisis. The Houston Chief of Police wrote a letter of commendation for Clark's crisis management and investigative collaboration at Bush International Airport. His day-to-day global operational experience includes managing workplace violence, geopolitical security, extortion threats and employee safety. He offers a worldview with a hands-on perspective.

Clark broke new ground in the aviation industry by using electronic sources to identify previously undetected fraudulent activity. A dynamic speaker, Clark provides powerful examples of how technology can be harnessed to add value to business and business culture.

For C-level executives Clark offers new analytical strategies that can reveal bad business practice, weaknesses and inefficiencies. He offers practical solutions to add security and value to medium to large-size enterprise businesses.

For security, audit, and other business executives Clark offers guidance on using technology to proactively improve security and enhance business performance, raising the value of security professionals in the organization. He shares best practices on crisis planning and global security issues gleaned from more than 20 years experience in airline security.


  • Maximizing Security and Audit Efficiency through Technology
  • Technology, Policy and People
  • Fraud Analytics and Business Intelligence: How fraud analytics can identify unproductive/costly business activity
  • Culture Protection: How consistent investigative policies and processes can preserve culture and minimize risk
  • Crisis Planning From a Security Perspective: Best practices based on Continental Airlines responses to three crisis situations and 9/11.
  • How to Protect Your Brand and Minimize Risk: Become part of the solution vs. performing damage control
  • Protecting Assets Abroad: How to protect your business from geopolitical violence fallout. When to establish a global security personnel presence.

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