Custom Training Prepares Your Team to Manage Any Type of Disaster

Shawn Clark led the security response team for Continental Airlines during the aftermath of a runway crash that injured 38 people at the Denver International Airport and when a Continental Connection commuter plane crashed into a residential area near Buffalo, New York killing 50 people. He was on-board CO 128 from Rio to Houston when it was diverted to Miami after severe turbulence injured 26 people. He immediately went into crisis management mode providing leadership for those impacted.

Emergency/Disaster Plan Training
Does your leadership team have the skills and experience to handle a real crisis? Testing your crisis plan provides your team with the next best thing to real world experience. Clark Consulting leads your management team through a custom-designed, realistic, table-top simulation. We offer an objective assessment and feedback to identify areas of improvement. Finally, we use the results of the process to improve client emergency preparedness and response plans.

Travel Safety Training
With companies expanding around the globe there are many businesses moving into unstable markets. Clark Consulting can provide your team with the expertise needed to keep your employees safe. In this educational session we examine information gathering, physical and personnel security logistics.